Our men's stock kilt is a 3 strap and buckle military style (or wee kilt) with 2 belt loops for up to a 3" kilt belt. The material is a 70% wool/30% polyviscos blend in assorted tartans. They average 23-1/2"to 24" in length and the material allows them to be machine washed.
Sizing - every company has their own method of sizing. Our kilts are to be worn at the bellybutton (your actual waist), and this is where you measure (no, really). Please, please, please, for the love of Mike, buy a tape measure at WalMart, have someone else measure you, or even use toilet paper (the square size is marked on the package, do the math). Take that measurement and order the even size BELOW that. If you measure at a 44", order a 42". Measure a 37", order a 36". If you anticipate losing or gaining weight, please keep in mind that you don't have a lot of leeway in the straps.

Stock Kilt:
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