We are back

Welcome to our new website! You can see there are some differences as will happen when you have to start from scratch. We appreciate your patience as we continue to finish getting everything set up.

How to size

The key to looking good is looking put together is well fitting clothes. And that applies to your kilt and kilt belt. Most other items here are a fairly forgiving fit, but we need an accurate waist measurement so things don't fall off (not a good look for anyone). So, please, for the love of Mike, buy or borrow a tape measure. Better yet, have someone else measure you. Please see the Information section for specific instructions.

How to order

Because of the changes we've had to make, there are also changes in the order process. As you peruse the products, you can add items to a wish list that gets emailed to us. We email an invoice thru QuickBooks back to you with an estimated shipping date and any other information. You can then pay the invoice thru the link or ask about other options.

Up coming events

A Roguish Highlander
11 East Cecil St.
Springfield, Ohio